CPLUS understands that each I.T. department operates differently and has unique challenges. That’s why every new CPLUS client is matched with a seasoned account manager who will work with you to design a maintenance agreement that fits your company’s specific needs as well as providing ongoing support as those needs evolve.

Regardless of the support level that you choose, your dedicated account manager will help customize a solution set around your unique requirements.

All CPLUS clients have access to the same standard benefits:

  • Significant savings over the OEM pricing for maintenance coverage
  • Replacement parts and spare units stocked locally for quick resolution
  • 24×7 dispatch center to take your call at any hour
  • Dedicated account managers who understand your needs
  • Flexible billing options
  • Extended life of your technology investment
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Services Built Around Your Infrastructure

When you become a CPLUS partner, our CSTAT team will learn every inch of your infrastructure to ensure that they can expertly monitor and service your equipment, extending its useful life and saving you money.

This step also means that our service technicians will keep extra spares for your specific equipment stocked on-site, ensuring minimal downtime and reduced hassle. By doing so, you don’t have to wait on parts shipments and multiple return trips before your equipment is restored to full functionality.

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