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CPLUS provides critical hardware support and service for both mid-range and enterprise-level information technology systems.

Our proactive support can help you extend the life of your I.T. inventory.

CPLUS is the leader in information technology service and support for mid-range and enterprise-level I.T. systems nationwide. For over 25 years, we’ve relentlessly pursued one goal: constantly improve upon our innovative best-in-class approaches and processes in order to help our clients cut costs and extend the useful life of their I.T. inventory.

CPlus - Critical Asset Management
Our Four Pillars

Our Four Pillars

Four key ingredients that drive our world-class service:
active preparedness, predictive maintenance, rapid response, and proactive monitoring.

Our Four Pillars
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Our local technicians gear up around your unique I.T. needs. This means our technicians actively stock parts and backup spares and will be prepared for your specific requirements when it’s time to repair or replace parts and service within your I.T. asset portfolio. Plus, each of our techs is fully trained in your specific system profiles.

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We understand hardware asset life cycles and what maintenance and service is required at certain points within those life cycles. This means we can monitor and predict service needs and proactively adjust your maintenance schedules to align with your specific needs.

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Location matters. We can geo-track service requests from anywhere in your I.T. infrastructure, then dispatch the tech closest to the target location. For companies with complex, geographically distributed systems, this technology significantly shortens response times, reduces costs and saves money.

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We know your systems, and are actively monitoring them for problems and potential weaknesses. This allows us to alert you to potential problems while also responding more intelligently and precisely to service requests.

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CPlus Flex Plans

Service plans designed for your needs.

Each CPLUS maintenance service level is a flexible, customizable structure that will be designed to match your I.T. infrastructure, your budget and the urgency of your maintenance & response needs.


Coverage and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Coverage and support from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on business days

Next Day

Next business day coverage and support


Local on-demand services without continuous ongoing coverage and support

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